The Pros And Cons Of Campaign Finance Reform

One of the most important campaign issues that was discussed in the 2016 election is campaign finance reform. Through various methods, corporations and private individuals are able to fund the campaigns of political candidates. However, some argue that it would be better if the campaign finance contributions were handled through public funding. There are several pros and cons to both approaches.  Private Financing Influences The Behavior Of Politicians Money in politics provides the wealthy with a disproportionate amount of influence in politics.

Running For Office? Learn The Pros And Cons Of Telephone Town Halls

Before deciding who to vote for, many voters want to learn about a candidate and get any questions they have about the candidate answered. Having town halls allows voters the opportunity to interact with you, listen to you and ask you questions. However, traditional town halls can be pricey and the number of voters who actually attend can be limited. Telephone town hall meetings allow you to interact with many voters, including those who otherwise may not be able to attend, at one time.